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Our system is simple, yet  sophisticated. Our editorial system offers transparent administrative environment with many functions. Building a website was never that easy! We were first to create editorial systems in Czech Republic in 2003, and since then we have been taking care of your wishes and needs.

Simple websites, or sophisticated navigation structures? Choose your own way. We can offer you not only designed templates, but also keeping the track of your visitors behaviour, or the possibility to distinguish users rights and granted access to administration and content. All of this is just a matter of few clicks. What is the aim of your website? You an configure the right solution form the thousands of combinations we prepared for you.

Credit system helps you to have your costs under control, and to work effectively with any change of your demands at the same time. Wide range of modules for building website is completely free.

Build a website easily

Build a website easily

Drag and drop. The easiest way to work with content and structure. You don´t have to know programming languages, you will build your website intuitively. We used this method everywhere we could. And anywhere else you only need to enter heading or to toggle the switch. And if you want to edit the content quickly, just doubleclick.

Wide range of modules

Wide range of modules

Every website buider will appreciate extensive ... full of texts, images, surveys and other interactive modules. To keep the website clear, divide content into columns. Interactivity is provided by:

  • Texts and images
  • Photo gallery
  • Forms
  • Surveys
  • Forums
  • Comments
  • Rating
  • Youtube
  • MP3 player
  • Maps and many other modules...
Variability and  a responsivity

Variability and a responsivity

Have you chosen a template and do you want to use your own image in background? Do you want different text colour? No problem. Every template allows to edit number of parameters.

ALl our templates are responsive. It means that they adjust their layouts to computer, tablet or mobile.

  • Site managment
  • Administration users
  • Image editor
  • Header
  • Website users
  • Language versions

Give permissions, collect data

Do you own more than one website? Get them under one account. Our system let you distribute authority in your company and assign different levels of users rights to your colleagues.

Use different ways how to edit images directly in editorial system. You can change the size, rotate or make a cut-out. Or you can play with slidery and present your website with animated images and slogans.

Allow users of your website to register and communicate with them regurarly by a newsletter. Do you want to succeed abroad? With us, you can make different language versions on your web easily.

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